An integrated CMOS optical transceiver for Li-Fi applications.

A transceiver capable to transmit and receive data through light (Li-Fi) is developed in this project.  

Profs. Davies William, Dalton Martini Colombo, Luciana Pedrosa Salles and Hugo Daniel Hernandez Herrera

The existing electronic circuits operate based on signals in analog and digital formats. Is it possible to

change this paradigm and use time-domain signals?

This research project funded by the SerraPilheira Institute and FAPEMIG aims to develop integrated electronic circuits in the time domain.  

Prof. Dalton Martini Colombo

Dynamic plenoptic perception with an adaptive mirror

In this project we extrapolate the concept of plenoptic feature to video recording and dynamic visual perception, without compromising either system contrast or illumination levels. 

Profs. Davies William and Jhonattan Cordoba

Integrated graphene electro-optical components, based on polymer technology for telecommunication and label-free biosensing applications.

The design, fabrication and characterizations of graphene containing waveguides will be developed, to demonstrate a graphene optical modulator applications showing efficient electro-absorption and electro-optic modulation, for telecommunications and biosensing applications.

Prof. Jhonattan Cordoba

Nucleic acids photonic biosensor based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance technology for real-time detection of genetics and infectious diseases.

The development of ultracompact biofunctionalized nano-plasmonic systems based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance, able to real-time detect biological recognition on surface.

Prof. Jhonattan Cordoba