OptMALab is a research laboratory hold in the School of Engineering at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). We base our research on investigate the physics and applications of Microelectronics and Optronics devices, Integrated Photonics components, and optical Communication Systems.

Our research activities are based on:

    • Design, characterization and tests of microcomponents (MEMS) and integrated devices (analog and digital).
    • Optical Communications Systems (components and protocols) for light transmission by optical fiber and in free space (optical wireless and LiFi).
    • Design, manufacture and demonstration of integrated photonic devices (based on silicon and polymer technology) and their implementation in optronics, optical sensory and label-free biosensors.

We aim to converge our expertises to evaluate how we can to contribute from the academy for the improvement for a wide spectrum of applications in the real-world. In this sense, we look for to stimulate a multidisciplinary environment and bring together people with varied profiles and interests, for both, research and educational purposes.